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V.A.T. in Bosnia  is 17%
V.A.T. = PDV (Porez na dodanu vrijednost)


Payments can be made by all major credit cards, and vouchers issued by Travel Agent.
To accept Travel Agents Voucher, Contract between Good firm rent a car and Travel Agent must be signed!
We block the deposit on clients credit card until vehicle its returned!
We do not accept debit or prepaid cards!
All rentals, insurance and extras will be charged advance!
Because of possible extras such as: fuel or extensions of rental, traffic ticket or parking tickets can be charged add after the rental where will be presented with all documents prior to charge etc., credit cards blank slip must be left at the beginning of rental.

" All our vehicles are insured against the damage done to the third party (TPI) in amount determent by the law.
" If our vehicle is damaged by the guilt of another vehicle, damage cannot be recompensed from the Collision Damage Waiver, but from the insurance policy of that vehicle (third party) Because of that rule, POLICE REPORT has to be made, and customer must give a statement about the accident on applicable forms. Call nearest Good firm Office!

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft protection TP
All rates are inclusive of CDW and TP.

" If our vehicle is damaged by the guilt of its driver, the damage is insurable by compulsory daily extra payment for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). CDW does not cover the full amount of damage (see deduction amounts and deduction waiver)

EUR 1200 (LVMR)

Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW)

The renter can choose SUPER CDW to reduce the Non-Waiverable Responsibility to certain amount.
(still police report and other exceptions are MANDATORY).

For the car groups  ECMR, EDMR,  NW Responsibility can be reduced down to 50 EUR-
For the car groups CDMR, IDMR,  NW Responsibility can be reduced down to 100 EUR. 
For the car groups LVMR, NW Responsibility can be reduced down to 250 EUR.
The cost of SUPER CDW is as follows: see table

CRS Code Top Cover CDW
LVMR   12.00

~TOP COVER Collision Damage Waiver (TCCDW)

The renter can choose Top Cover CDW to reduce the Non-Waiver able Responsibility to zero.
For the  ALL car groups NRW Responsibility can be reduced down to 0 EUR-
The cost of  Super Top Cover CDW is as follows: see table

CRS Code Top Cover CDW

" If renter does not accept any deduction waiver fee (SCDW;TCCDW) he will be responsible up to the amount of deduction.
" If the damage amount is smaller than actual damage amount, renter will pay smaller amount.
" In case of accident, if there is no police report, CDW, SCDW, TCCDW shall not be applicable at all, and the client is responsible for full damage amount according to the Dealers damage statement.

Theft Protection (TP)

All rates are inclusive of TP. Customer is only responsible for the following amounts:
EUR 350.- (ECMR, EDMR)
EUR 600.- (CDMR)
EUR 800.- (IDMR)
EUR 1200.- (LVMR)

Customers holding TCCDW are excluded from any TP responsibility (police report obligated)
" TP (theft protection) is not applicable in case of lost keys or any other careless attitude toward keys or documents of VeroRent vehicle.

OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Not covered by insurance
Driver negligence
Any damage to the vehicle which has been done due to driver negligence (burnt clutch, damage to vehicle chassis due to the car has been driven on unsealed roads, parking the car on high sidewalk curbs, cigarette burns on seating etc.) will be charged to the client to the FULL AMOUNT OF THE REPAIR COST.
By signing the Contract, the client undertakes and confirms that the rented vehicle can be used only for the personal needs of the client and that it can be driven only by the client or the co-driver indicated in contract. If the client breaks this rule, he will fully bear the costs of damage to the vehicle.
Wrong fuel
If client has used wrong fuel type when filling the car, a charge of 250 EUR + VAT applies plus damage done to the engine, if powered by authorized service.
Parking and speeding fines
Parking and speeding fines plus an administration fee of 15 EUR incl. tax will be charged to the client
Condition of vehicle interior
If the vehicle is returned in an unacceptable state, and the interior of the vehicle is unusually dirty and in need of extra cleaning or repair costs a MINIMUM Extra Cleaning charge of 50 EUR plus tax will apply.
Lost keys, car documents, or license plates
Lost of car keys, vehicle documents or license plates will be charged 350 EUR + VAT.
Broken or flat tires/Rims
Damaged or broken tires will be charged to the customer account, in spite of any insurance taken.
The tire will not be charged if it is a result of an accident

BREAKDOWN PROCEDURE: In the case of traffic accident renter has to call the police, call the nearest Good firm location or Car Control number presented on every Rental Agreement, give a statement and fill in all the necessary forms.


All our vehicles are allowed to cross Bosnian  border to all countries only ON REQUEST AND PREVIOUS APPROVEMENT FROM Good Firm, subject to charge 30€ + VAT per rental
Countries we do not allow our vehicles to enter are:  Kosovo


Rental of three days and more gives our customers a possibility to rent in one location and leave a vehicle in another.
ONE WAY RENTALS within Good firm Rent a Car locations in Bosnia is extra charged (75 € + VAT) - contact Reservation Center.

Pick up in Bosnia and drop off in a foreign country is not possible in this rate programmed. For the specific need, possibility and rate is available from our Central reservation department on request.


Each reservation has to be sent and confirmed from our reservation department at least 24 hours before pick-up time.
In some exceptional cases during peak season Good firm a car reserves a right to refuse to confirm a reservation because of over-booking situation. Advance booking will completely minimize these situations.


Reservations have to be sent to our Central reservation department at least 24 hours before pick-up time.
Each reservation if it is confirmed will get a confirmation number and will be sent by fax or e-mail back to the Travel Agent.
Reservation modification or cancellation must be sent to the same fax number, or email.
Inclusive program rates usually include: daily rent (24 hours), unlimited mileage, CDW, TP and VAT

Possible extras:

" Fuel and refueling service fee: If renter returns a vehicle with some missing fuel, renter will be charged for the estimated quantity of missing fuel at National Oil Company prices + the refueling fee in local currency 28 € + VAT

" Delay in return of the vehicle is charged as follows:

0 - 2 h = free of charge
2h  and more = additional day

" Extra equipment:                                                      per day            per rental

- Child/baby seats available on request. Fee:   4,10 €             40 €+ VAT

- Roof racks available on request. Fee:                 4,10 €              40 €+ VAT

- GPS Navigation available on request. Fee:      5,60 €              30 €+ VAT

- Winter tires available on request. Fee:                1.70 €               17 €+ VAT.

- All extra equipment can be charged for maximum 5 days per one rental.

" Additional Driver is charged 10 € + VAT per rental

All extras are charged directly from customer on time of vehicle pick up/drop off!


Delivery and Collection out of working hours: 20 € + VAT.
Delivery/collection is charged directly from customer.

Age requirements:
ECMR, EDMR; CDMR: 21-year minimum. Driver must be licensed at least two years.  Maximum age: no maximum age
Car models: Car models listed are examples only - because of continual changing of fleet. Reservations are to be booked by car group only (4 letter SIPP code)
Petrol details: some models are with unleaded petrol engine, some models are with diesel engine

Airport meeting details: Airport locations are at Airport Terminals.
Where „Meet & Greet is marked next to airport office Good firm stuff will meet customer with written name on board.

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